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The Walkmen’s Heaven out on May 29th

I am a lazy bastard but now that school is out yadda yadda. Check this review out on the Dropp. I compared the Walkmen to the San Antonio Spurs because I must have been watching game 2 highlights while listening or something. Go Spurs! Now cop the new Walkmen album legally!* Read the rest of this entry »


An Interview with the Walkmen’s Hamilton Leithauser

Photo by Lee Barth.

Back in September I had a chance to conduct a phone interview with the lead singer of the Walkmen, Hamilton Leithauser. We touched on such heavy hitting subjects as Robin Pecknold’s beard and Dirk Nowitzki. What resulted was probably one of the most painfully awkward interviews I’ve done (in my two interview career). Thank God the audio isn’t up. Read the rest of this entry »


Songs you can reflect to, songs you can break your neck to. There are plenty of albums I enjoy getting lost in and the ones listed here are those that I always come back to; the ones that have spent weeks at the top of my own mental scrobbler. For each album here is a month’s worth of musical rumination, mental disarray and finally some sort of peace. Each has struck an honest chord with me and I’m fairly certain I’ve gone out to buy at least three of these (in the Digital Age, baby!) Read the rest of this entry »

The Walkmen Release “Lisbon” Sept. 14

Photo courtesy of Encorage Magazine
Photo courtesy of Encorage Magazine

Going a decade strong, the Walkmen have consistently dropped top notch albums that seem to encompass different identities while retaining key elements that never compromise the overall product. Always playing off of each other, no instrument outshines another. Instead, the band’s preference for vintage equipment seems to give each instrument its unique tone that can’t be mistaken for that of any other band today. And how could one forget that distinctive, wonderfully strained howl of Hamilton Leithauser? Avert your ears to the classiest band around.

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