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Radiohead Debut New Song in Chicago

New Radiohead.
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Radiohead Kicking of 2012 U.S. Tour in Florida

Radiohead will kick off their 2012 U.S. tour in Florida – Miami to be exact. Why Florida first? Heck, why the South first? Who cares (besides those living in major U.S. cities further north such as Philadelphia or Chicago or New York City). All that matters is that Florida gets to experience the fidgeting-spacey-electronic-rock madness that is Radiohead. Of course, as with their other tours, tickets will most likely be gone in less than a minute. Hopefully, the fact that the Florida dates are at big arenas will extend the window by a half minute. Either way, don’t buy a ticket until I get mine. You hear me!?

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Radiohead releases The King of Limbs

Radiohead released its eighth studio album, the King of Limbs on Friday, a day early from its original release date. Just clocking in over 30 minutes, the album very much retains the same brooding textures and odd Macbook wizardry that’s prevelant on a Thom Yorke solo release. Read the rest of this entry »