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Are you boring? Virginia minstrel lecture says, “yes!”

What happens when you sign up for American Popular Music after the 1840s? “Turkey in the Straw” happens.

I suppose when you sign up for a class covering 160 years of popular music and culture in what was once a vast rural landscape you’ll run into at least 80 years of bouncy banjo love-affairs. That’s 80 years-worth of heavy-hitting itis. Read the rest of this entry »


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. How’s everybody doing tonight?

I sit here recouping from a decent night of drinking screwdrivers at Orlando’s “I Bar”. So far I’ve been replaying GTA San Andreas, texting my friend Farrell about my new life at the University of Central, scarfing down Cocoa Krispies (highly recommended) and drafting up this very post. I am a multi-tasker in this sense – able to juggle the stealth of knifing the entire crew of a freighter and crunching little sugary pebbles. I should be looking for jobs here in the city since rent is due in about six days and my university fees are due in eight, but I feel today is a good day to re-enter the blogosphere instead.

I am Eric Quitugua – scholar, drunken gentleman, South Florida transplant, part-time Texan. I am a musician, serial music listener, and loyal fan to my beloved San Antonio Spurs. I am also my local spokesman for purple fandom. I enjoy long walks on the Prince, sunny after-Princes and staying in to read a good Prince. I like to scour the Internet for new jams and sometimes I buy these jams. Sometimes I even write about these jams. Read the rest of this entry »