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Little Scream – The Golden Record

Featuring some airy, choir-like pipes, Little Scream’s Secretly Canadian debut, the Golden Record, effortlessly beckons the celestial, all while employing a range that’s equally gritty and full of some serious backbone. On one hand, she bates the listener’s ears with classical and lush piano and string arrangements. On the other hand, she’s pummeling ears with crunchy guitars. And while she employs a multitude of backing voices swollen reverb, do not be fooled into thinking it’s a crutch. Little Scream, aka Laurel Sprengelmeyer is the real deal. Read the rest of this entry »


Mount Kimbie @ Backbooth, April 12

Mount Kimbie put on a pretty solid set Tuesday night; nothing too exciting but nothing boring either. They don’t have a wealth of material and when the crowd of mostly drugged out hipsters erupted into shouts of “encore! encore!” one of the guys politely declined. Instead he thanked the crowd for the turnout and reminded them, “we only have one album that’s about 35 minutes,” though they could’ve played shit from Sketch on Glass or the other two EPs. Their sound translated pretty good live, actually a lot more echoey but very much pretty fuckin’ thumpin’ and trance-inducing. It was nice to see they don’t just press on buttons during shows; they also play the guitar, samplers and a single drum while also pressing on buttons. “Maybes” and “Ode To Bear” were my personal favorites and I really am looking forward to hearing future releases from these guys.

And a word to the wise… If you ever find yourself at Backbooth or anywhere in downtown Orlando and you get hassled by the bums outside (Central and Orange), tell them you know “Dave,” if you decide not to employ the ignore-and-walk-away technique. In fact, find Dave. He’s the coolest, friendliest homeless man down there and won’t let anyone fuck with you. His friend is a little off though. He will pull a box cutter on your new lady friend and one of his buddies, who I swear to God is a homeless man with full on, pastel-colored American Apparel garb, will try to take your shirt. But that is another story altogether.

Bibio – Mind Bokeh out on Warp Records

The Midlands producer and student of sonic arts, Bibio, returns with Mind Bokeh, an album whose namesake refers to photographic haze. And though the album is laden with its own musical haze, it is coupled with some very strong grooves, creating a very mobile experience for the listener at home, in a car, at a club. Read the rest of this entry »

Sebadoh at the Social, 3/29

Sebadoh played at the Social on Tuesday night to a pretty dull crowd, minus one man. This particular man appeared to be rollin’ and, before the show, told one of my friends that he had no idea who was playing but that he wanted to come inside to party, and party he did. Read the rest of this entry »