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Explosions in the Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

It’s tough to describe a particular song by the Austin, Texas post-rock band without saying pretty much the same things about any of their other songs. Their songs are appropriate for dramatic landscapes or emotional sports drama. Their sound puts the listener at a crossroads of pondering and peace. On a sonic level they contain enough reverb to fill a canyon and enough monstrous drumming to shake the rocks loose. It’s a sound they’ve perfected over 11 years. And despite a lack of overt deviation from this general sound, Explosions in the Sky have once again poured out something incredibly beautiful. Read the rest of this entry »


Explosions in the Sky – “Trembling Hands”

Fresh off the band’s Soundcloud, Explosions in the Sky present “Trembling Hands” from the upcoming Take Care, Take Care, Take Care. This cut shows the band is as thunderous as ever. The drums are popping off like a relentless succession of machine guns and the tremolo and delayed guitars are supremely vigorous. The entire song plays like a train of chaos rushing through with few breaks between sections, not even needing the typical build up/slow down/build up/explosion formula dominant in the most of the band’s palette. Hot damn.